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‘Trump’s Friends’ Spends Millions to Stop Proposition 10

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Corporate landlords linked closely to Donald Trump are shelling out millions to oppose Proposition 10  —  and to maintain the status quo of making billions by charging unfair, sky-high rents. The Yes on 10 movement is exposing the telling connection between Trump and No on 10’s top contributors with a must-see digital ad, “Trump’s Friends.

Similar to Trump’s unscrupulous way of governing, multi-millionaires Michael Hayde and Jackie Safier and billionaires Stephen Schwarzman and Geoffrey Palmer are funding a statewide campaign of deception. Through TV ads and social media, they try to hoodwink and confuse California voters about what Prop 10 actually does.

These predatory landlords have spent the past 20 years gaming the system to line their pockets on the backs of renters  —  which has fueled California’s housing-affordability crisis. Hayde, Safier, Schwarzman, and Palmer are now fighting tooth-and-nail to oppose Prop 10, the November ballot measure that will rein in their destructive greed.


Prop 10  —  endorsed by the League of Women Voters, the California Democratic Party, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Southern California, the ALCU, and dozens of others  —  is a key solution to urgently address California’s housing-affordability crisis.

It will protect California’s renters  —  and guarantee landlords a fair rate of return  —  while laying the foundation for stronger, more affordable communities. By empowering localities to limit unfair rent increases, cities and counties can create thoughtful laws to address their local housing situations.

That’s why the broad coalition of trusted organizations and advocates  —  which includes the California Teachers Association, the California Nurses Association, Our Revolution, the Los Angeles Times, and Sacramento Bee  —  are all urging Californians to vote YES on Prop 10.

But just like Trump, his corporate landlord friends only think about themselves  —  no matter the damage that’s done to others. They think they can buy and bully their way out of anything. Watch and share the video “Trump’s Friends.”

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