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‘Trump’s Friends’ Spent Millions to Stop Rent Control in California

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In 2018, corporate landlords linked closely to Donald Trump shelled out millions to oppose Proposition 10  —  the California ballot measure that sought to expand rent control. The same real estate heavyweights will undoubtedly pump more millions into opposing the Rental Affordability Act, the November 2020 initiative that expands rent control in California.

Similar to Trump’s unscrupulous way of governing, multi-millionaires Michael Hayde and Jackie Safier and billionaires Stephen Schwarzman and Geoffrey Palmer funded a statewide campaign of deception to stop Prop 10. Through TV ads and social media, they hoodwinked and confused California voters about what Prop 10 sought to do.

These predatory landlords have spent the past 20 years gaming the system to line their pockets on the backs of renters  —  which has fueled California’s housing-affordability crisis. Hayde, Safier, Schwarzman, and Palmer have continually fought to maintain the status quo of unfair, excessive rents.


Prop 10  was endorsed by the League of Women Voters, the California Democratic Party, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Southern California, the ALCU, and dozens of others. It  was an urgent solution to address California’s housing-affordability crisis.

But just like Trump, his corporate landlord friends only thought about themselves  —  no matter the damage that’s done to others. They think they can buy and bully their way out of anything. It’s time to fight back — and rein in their greed — with the Rental Affordability Act.